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iGold Verified

We want all customers choosing A-Team storage to have peace of mind that their Precious Metals products are genuine. Through iGold Verified, we authenticate your products, all purchased from brand name suppliers, before storing them in our storage facility, backed by A-Team.

Product Authentication & Secure Storage

All products sold by iGold are guaranteed for metal weight and purity. This is an assurance you enjoy when shopping with one of the most trusted names in the Precious Metals in Israel.

Benefits of iGold Verified

Easy Process

Easy Process

Fill out our simple form listing all items you want to purchase and your products will be shipped directly from our supplier to A-Team’s vault.

Flat Fee

Flat Fee

You will pay a flat handling fee of $80 per deposit and $80 per withdrawal request.

Trusted Name

Trusted Name

iGold has been Israel’s industry leader since 2012 and all products we sell go through rigorous authentication.

Secure Storage

Secure Storage

Once your products have been verified, we place them in our private storage facility managed by A-Team Security where they are fully insured against theft, damage and physical loss.

How does iGold verify my products?

“iGold offers a unique blend of advanced technology along with years of experience dealing with physical gold and silver bullion in Israel. It begins with our suppliers, iGold only purchases new products through brand name retailers, such as APMEX USA and Pamp Suisse USA where every coin, bar or round is carefully scanned using highly accurate and non-invasive technologies, such as X-ray fluorescence. Highly-trained team members then use a proprietary method to confirm the density and hardness of the metal, allowing a greater certainty on the makeup of the material examined.

Once our products arrive in Israel they are checked by Israeli Customs and again iGold uses Sigmametalytics precious metal tester to ensure all our products are authentic. Next, iGold examines how the item compare to known genuine examples. Our Director has been active in the precious metal industry since 2012 and is very familiar with all the precious metal products that are offered through our site.”

Forms and Brochures

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Precious Metals Storage
Account Agreement
Purchase Agreement

Do you have any questions?

Please read the questions below and if you cannot find your answer, please send us your question, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Fee Information

Storing your Precious Metals with iGold affords you many benefits, one of the most appealing of which is low annual storage fees. All Precious Metal products stored with iGold are fully insured based on current market values. You have full access to your holdings.

For Precious Metal product storage, the standard iGold storage fees are as follows:

Gold bullion

Annual Storage Rate


Silver bullion

Annual Storage Rate


Each separate Deposit/Withdrawal incurs a handling fee of $60.

Portfolio Value

Use the slider to select your portfolio value and see storage rates.

Portfolio ValueStorage RateAnnual Fee
Gold bullion0.8%$750.00
Silver Bullion1.25%$750.00

Trusted Storage Solutions

iGold offers our customers a first-class, secure storage solution, backed by a leading security company in the South of Israel. iGold also provides supplementary services such as reporting and independent audits.

Simple, Cost Effective & Convenient

iGold provides secure storage for your Precious Metals in Israel. This private storage facility is managed by A-Team Security, one of the leading security companies in the South of Israel.

Benefits of storing with iGold include



Your products are kept separate from others’ and are fully protected against theft, damage and physical loss.

Collection On Demand

Collection On Demand

You always have the option to take possession of your Precious Metals any time you want.

Low Annual Fees

Low Annual Fees

Typical Precious Metals storage solutions can cost up to 150 basis points. iGold fees are just 75 basis points (.75%) for gold and 125 basis points (1.25%) for silver.

Management Tools

Management Tools

iGold customers have access to real-time reporting of all transactions and up-to-the-minute valuation of their inventory.


“A-Team Security Solutions Ltd. is the exclusive provider of secure storage of iGold’s products in Israel. The actual Precious Metals depository is within A-Team’s secure facilities, meaning the vaulting and inventory expertise is unparalleled and backed by the most trusted name in the industry.

A-Team is Israel’s leader in secure logistics and security solutions in the south of Israel and brings more than 25 years of experience in protecting cash, Precious Metals and other valuables. By utilizing their technology, coupled with their dedicated professionals, A-Team manages the domestic storage for iGold. Additionally, they ensure each of their customer’s Precious Metals are allocated and physically segregated from other accounts. Founded on trust and reputation, A-Team delivers quality through value-added solutions and streamlined operations.”